Client: Bagaholicboy

Louis Vuitton x Bagaholic Boy

There was an opportunity for us to explore how we could best feature Louis Vuitton's Valentine's Day collection in 2017. Love is more than just a feeling, more than a state of emotion. Love is about giving and sharing. Love is a celebration. For Louis Vuitton's Valentine's Day, we wanted to find an opportunity to celebrate their latest products in an immersive and interesting method.

We created an interactive 3D game based on HTML5 and WebGL technology. To view the featured products on the microsite, the user would have to "collect” the products in the game to unlock them for viewing on the microsite. This project was done in collaboration with Bagaholicboy, Singapore's local online resource magazine for bags and fashion.

→ User Experience
→ User Interface
→ Web development
→ Three.js
→ Bagaholicboy
→ Eugene Ling
→ Eddy Susanto