Client: CloneX

Clonex Lunar 2023

During the Lunar New Year, money is placed in red packets and gifted to children or the elderly as a symbol of goodwill and well-wishing. The packet conceals the amount, so it's a way of giving without the recipient paying attention to the value of the gift.

In this layout, you'll find the amalgamation of pixelated textures against smooth-bodied Chinese characters. The design embodies that cyberpunkish spirit and depicts the wrestle between traditional mindset and new-world concepts – very Web3.

The Chinese characters say "新春", which means "new spring". With this, we hope to celebrate and welcome a new spring even though we are in a crypto winter.

→ Branding
→ Art Direction
→ Typography
→ Illustration
→ Augmented Reality
→ @beetleswt
→ @rtsnRegis
→ CloneX Singapore
→ Pixeltech