Client: CityDAO
Branding a City on the Ethereum Blockchain


Sunny Side Up's branding for CityDAO is a reference to geographic urban coordinates and ambition with the theme of building blocks embodied in the design language of the CityDAO branding, scattering accompanying imagery like grid lines and complex geometric forms coming together.

The Visual Identity The design language comprises of 3 key elements. The mysterious, empowering midnight tones, building blocks and the green city glow. This green is meant to feel optimistic, bold and contemporary, thereby alluding to the green 'go' lights in cities. This design system is meant to be the foundational elements for a decentralised brand. Where any contributor can build on top of this, giving them the opportunity to express themselves while adhering to CityDao’s brand world.

CityDAO's colour story is redolent of the relentless, ambitious and 24/7 builder culture in the DAO.

Design Systems
User Experience
User Interface
Art Direction
Website Design
CityDAO Design Guild

Parcel Blanca

Parcel Blanca is CityDAO’s largest and most significant effort to date. They are building an on-chain, community-governed autonomous crypto city of the future, starting from 10 acres of off-grid land that they purchased in Blanca, Colorado. We were asked to contribute to designing an identity and website for Parcel Blanca.


The identity that we've created for Parcel Blanca was focused on the idea of diversity within the CityDAO community and how anyone can create anything they want on the land. We wanted to highlight the purpose of Parcel Blanca and how the logomark could be utilised as a graphic element as well.