Client: Beoble
The fastest chat solution for dApps.


All chat app and services looked the same, had similarly descriptive names, and pushed the same “connection” message. We rebranded Beoble so it could stand apart, and stand on its own away from Whatsapp and Telegram.  

The new era of chat began with their new name. Beoble (a visual flip on people) was chosen for its abstract familiarity and because it could be imbued with its very own meaning. The bold colour and logo followed, with letters as full as they can be. Graphic shapes – chat bubbles – represent shapes for interaction and individuality. All paired with a tone of voice personalised enough to move the whole category forward. In true web3 fashion, we created Beomojis where everyone could customise their own avatars within the @ symbol. Talk about having your own profile pictures in the app. 

More than ever timing was critical with this project. As part of our process we included the whole Beoble team in the design, and launched the brand internally from Singapore, Hong Kong and Seoul to the world. Credit to the Beoble team for their decisiveness and bravery.

The brand was completed in 3 weeks to debut at Consensus 2023 in Austin, Texas. LFG!

- Brand Refresh
- 2D Animation
Eugene Ling
Cherly Boon